About us

From the tree to the palate

The Inca Empire originated in the territory of Peru, and in memory of our ancestors, Peruvian Inka Fruit was born with the dream of two enterprising men, who grew up in the fruit fields. They dreamed of a company that exports quality fruits, where the relationship with farmers is more than economic, where they are paid and recognized a fair price for their work, where the fruit is cared for from planting until we have the best fruit. fresh for our customers.
We have collected that success story of Tahuantinsuyo, where agriculture was its main economic activity, we also rescued the three principles of our ancestors the Incas: Ama Sua (do not be a thief), Ama Llulla (do not be a liar) and Ama Quella (do not be lazy), these principles motivate and excite us to do fair and sustainable trade in the world.
Peruvian Inka Fruit, works with fresh fruits of premium quality, based on the experiences of more than 10 years of its founders both in the cultivation, commercialization and international logistics of fruits.
We invite you to be part of our history, to share nature in its maximum splendor, where the peasant is and will be the main protagonist.
If God gave us a very rich and fertile land, we are almost obliged to claim it and share its fresh fruits with the world, with our motto fresh fruits from the tree to the palate.
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